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Endangered Insects Series

Tailbone Clothing Co.

The tailbone is a vestigial bone in the human body, meaning over the process of evolution it has lost its function. It remains within us as a reminder that we are all animals ourselves, no matter how separate society makes us believe we are. It is from this idea that Tailbone takes its name, to remind us that we all are in fact more similar than we may believe and deserve the same respect and protection.

Tailbone is an activist brand for the protection of wildlife and the environment. Our clothing and prints are intended to grab interest through visually appealing colors and design. Through art we hope to start conversations and with those conversations spread knowledge and spark change.

The "Endangered Insects" series is a collection of screenprints depicting North American insects that appear on endangered species lists. Often, when people consider the endangerment of species, the focus is on larger animals. Insects are a class often overlooked- one of which has an enormous impact on the environment. The series is meant to raise awareness of the lesser thought of creatures we are losing due to habitat degradation, pesticide use and other environmental impacts.